Bodybuilding.  The word itself conjures up images of huge guys lifting massive amounts of weight, grunting and groaning and covered in veins resembling road maps.  However, essentially anybody who steps into a gym or exercises regularly is a bodybuilder of sorts.  Merriam-Webster defines bodybuilding as ‘the developing of the body through exercise and diet’ and so it follows that anybody looking to alter their physical form, whether through weight loss or muscle gain, is in fact bodybuilding.  Whether toning, bulking, cutting or undertaking any other method of training, what we are doing is essentially creating or building the body type we desire. 

This use of the definition may surprise people, particularly women many of whom still assume that if they so much as look at a weight they will bulk up and resemble Arnie(!), but isn’t this why we all train in the first place; to build a better body? 

Resistance training using weights will build muscle resulting in a more toned, muscular look, whilst a predominantly cardiovascular based routine will help to burn calories and reduce fat stores resulting in a leaner appearance.  Of course diet plays a major part in any body transformation, hence its inclusion under the bodybuilding banner, and perhaps those undertaking regular exercise should wear an ‘under construction’ badge as a proud declaration of their desire to build a better body using the methodology of bodybuilding.

So whilst it is unlikely that you will ever find yourself in skimpy attire covered in fake tan and posing on stage, the next time someone asks you what you do in the gym, give them a smile and tell them you are a bodybuilder!

Keep lifting, be happy and keep working that body!!


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