We can like it, loathe it, embrace it or reject it, but one thing is for sure, it will happen.  It can make things better or worse, be huge or miniscule, effect you as an individual or perhaps a large number of people within a group, and it is how we react to a change that dictates the overall effect that it has upon us.  Change can be seen as an opportunity, the chance to try new things, and whether voluntarily undertaken or forced upon us, should be taken in one’s stride and used as a building block towards new and hopefully better things.  Those who fear change are perhaps too stuck in their own ways and may never achieve their full potential; a prime example being the training stimulus.  Those who stay in their comfort zone and repeat similar workouts session after session will see little improvement over time, but with change comes fresh stimulus and with it renewed enthusiasm and growth.

Personally, I have just been forced to deal with major change after the closure of my business after 19 years.  Images Health & Fitness Club had been my life since opening in 1999, originally operating as a partnership before I bought the two other partners out and ran The Club myself.  Throughout its 19 years ‘my baby’ provided many ups and downs, laughter and tears and brought many wonderful people into my life, but as the saying goes, all good things come to an end, and when property developers purchased the leasehold our days were numbered as they wished to fully redevelop the site.  And so a day before our 19th birthday(!), the doors closed for the final time and a great change was upon me.

This was obviously a huge change for me after such a long time, and a sad time too; the leaving do being well attended, many nice words said and gifts given.  But time moves on, and whilst I will miss the people, the banter, my circuits class and the general ambience of the place, it can only be seen as a new beginning and a chance to move onwards and upwards!

It is now 5 weeks since we closed, and following a week away in the sunshine (that always makes things better!), I now find myself personal training at MedX Physiques, a small studio a couple of miles from my home that I have free use of during the day.  I no longer work 6 day weeks, worry about paying bills and wages, stress about the competition and rent payments.  I have no rates to pay, no gas, water or electricity, nor have to arrange staff cover for holidays or illness, and with this weight off am now able to enjoy my work a little more, concentrating on the client and letting the other matters be the concern of someone else.  Obviously I still need to run ‘me’ as a business, keeping a track of income and costs, planning for clients’ sessions and maintaining a stream of business to keep me going, but the pace of life is now much less intense and I am finding more time to spend on myself and with my wonderful girlfriend.  It is not until it is removed that you realise just how much stress you have been under and long term high cortisol levels can only be detrimental to one’s long term health.

So there it is, change, whilst certainly daunting, can in fact sometimes be for the best in the long term and may just be the ‘kick up the backside’ you need to get out of a rut and move on to better things.  No need to fear it, go with it and see where it leads.

Keep smiling, keep lifting and change if that’s what it takes!!


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