Excuse the blatant copyright theft, but these three words are just so applicable to the fitness industry in today’s busy, time-poor lives for so many.  Just.  Do.  It.  Simple, clear and straight to the point, this simple instruction is the most literal motivational ‘speech’ that we could all live by when starting or continuing our fitness journey.

So many times we find excuses not to get active, blaming, work, kids, friends or even the television schedule for not being able to find the time to look after ourselves, but surely it should be important to prioritize one’s health, since we are no good to anyone when not at our best.  Whist I am not suggesting that we neglect our family or work, nor give up socializing or relaxation in order to increase our fitness, but getting more active will prove beneficial not only to yourself, but also to those around you as increased energy, mood, productivity and overall wellness make you a better person and good influence to others, particularly children. 

Surely it is not beyond any of us to find 20 minutes to go for a walk, or to make small adjustments to our diet, reduce consumption of unhealthy foods or spend a little less time in front of the tv.  All of these constitute the ‘it’ in our original phrase, and each will make small, but valuable improvements to our overall wellbeing.  Many people assume that only big changes count, but to reiterate an earlier blog, small changes can make a big difference, particularly if several small changes are undertaken all achieving movement towards an improved you.  It’s not just those looking to increase their energy expenditure that can take heed from these three words, as often those who have exercised for a long time find the need for a little extra motivation to hit the gym or pound the streets one more time; we all need a little pep talk sometimes!

The phrase, whilst perhaps seeming so, is not intended to be intimidating, bullying you into action, but instead should be taken as an urge to cease pontificating and make positive changes, however small, that could be the start of beneficial change.  A great journey begins with a single step, but without that initial forward motion, no progress can ever be made, so make a start, however small, and enjoy the feeling of making a positive change to your life.  As the change becomes habit and the benefits become clear, further changes can then be made and these will soon snowball creating a healthier you that all started with that initial decision to stop making excuses and ‘just do it!’

A short blog for a short expression, but one which could just prove to be the catalyst that results in a fitter, healthier, happier you.

Love yourself, keep moving and live your best life!


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